Puerta 23

From 30€
Home address
Tetuán, 23
39004 Santander
+34 942 310 573
Opening and closing

Closed on Sunday evenings, except in Summer.

At a glance

The aroma of freshly-cut herbs, fruit and vegetables, selected with loving care: “acquiring absolutely fresh, vital and seasonal ingredients, to regale the palates of the guests”. This is exactly what this young team offers, garnished with innovative techniques, a good deal of expertise and the leadership of Álvaro Obregón.


Jowls and mushroom cannelloni with foie bechamel. Grilled scallops with foie, apple and mango reduction. Millefeuille and meringue milk ice-cream. Red tuna carpaccio with guacamole.


Álvaro Obregón

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