Casona Malvasía

Cabezón de Liébana
Home address
39571 Cabezón de Liébana
+34 942 735 148
Opening and closing

Closed from December 15 to April 1.

At a glance

The experience of finding oneself in the midst of the Picos de Europa Mountains is enhanced by the sight of vineyards criss-crossing the valley, vineyards that are the inspiration for every nook and cranny of this impressive and spacious highland manor named after a grape variety, filling it with colour and reminiscences of wood and fruit aromas. Worthy of special note is the winery, which forms part of the architectural ensemble. It produces orujo liqueur and excellent wines, and guided tours and tasting sessions are available. The view through its large windows brings the outdoors into the lounges, beckoning one to explore them.


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