Palacio de la Peña

Ajo, Bareyo
Home address
De la Peña, 26
39170 Ajo, Bareyo
+34 942 670 567
Opening and closing

Open year round.

At a glance

Facing the Cantabrian Sea, very close to the Cuberris and Antuerta beaches and surrounded by manicured gardens, this 17th century palace stands out, beautiful and harmonious, with ubiquitous stonework. Luxury and tranquility in every room. Suites measure over 100 sq. meters and are decorated with unique, catalogued pieces. The whole palace is a shrine to details, creating unexpected perspectives and suggestive corners designed to create calm, relaxing spaces. Unforgettable breakfasts. The restaurant, with the same name, is also a member of the Club.


Cristina Sánchez

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Palacio de la Peña

Palacio de la Peña

Ajo, Bareyo

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